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Kinglake Black Saturday Koala

Exhausted volunteer firefighter takes time to help a dehydrated survivor of the Black Saturday bushfires. It is estimated one million animals were killed during this fatal bushfire.

For thousands of years Australia has been ravaged by fire. Bushfire is an ever present threat of the Australian outdoors and claims many lives on a regular basis. Our climate and dry land produce fire on a scale not seen in other parts of the World.

We are an Australian company dedicated to designing and producing quality bushfire personal protective equipment.

Having spent my childhood in a bushfire prone area it was a shock to see the devastation and loss of life on Black Saturday. Streets I would ride my horse down transformed to a black desert. My neighbours’ houses that had been built over forty years ago reduced to rubble. Many victims survived smoke and flames only to be severely burnt by the intense radiant heat. It was clear that Australian fires are unique in their ferocity and most conventional personal protective equipment was not adequate.

BushfireBlankets.com are currently developing and testing a number of personal protective equipment designs. This includes composite fabrics, clothing and fire retardant chemicals. The Bushfire Blanket is one of our designs currently on the market that will significantly reduce the severity of injuries for those who unfortunately become trapped in a bushfire. Our products are designed for one purpose only, increasing survivability in the unique extreme conditions of an Australian bushfire.

Supporting World leading burns research.

The Fiona Wood Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the quality of outcome for burn survivors, in body and mind, both through acting as the primary support organisation for the world-renowned Burns Service of Western Australian (BSWA) and through strengthening its research nucleus the Centre of Excellence in Burns Research.

BushfireBlankets.com will donate $10 to the Fiona Wood Foundation for every Bushfire Blanket sold. 

To all of you, from all of us at BushfireBlankets.com - Thank you and enjoy the great outdoors!





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